About Zero Zero Fun

Welcome to Zero Zero Fun, your starting point for community-centered pickleball tournaments, events, and leagues!  Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the sport, we offer a variety of activities designed to bring the pickleball community together in Austin, Texas.

Our Mission

At Zero Zero Fun, we aim to create an inclusive and engaging environment where pickleball enthusiasts of all skill levels can compete, socialize, and have fun. We regularly host events that cater to everyone from competitive athletes to casual players, ensuring there's something for everyone.

What we do

Tournaments and Events

Our origin

Zero Zero Fun was created by AJ Davis, a pickleball fanatic and tech entrepreneur.

The name "Zero Zero Fun" has a special meaning: it comes from a drill AJ and her friends used to do, playing games without keeping score. The goal was to have good points, improve, and not worry about the outcome. This philosophy of focusing on improvement and enjoyment over results is at the heart of everything we do.

AJ's relentless drive for improvement is evident both on and off the court. Whether she's refining her pickleball game, helping clients grow their businesses using conversion rate optimization and user research via her consultancy Experiment Zone, or ensuring that our events are top-notch, AJ's commitment to excellence shines through. 

Want to see AJ in action on the pickleball court? Join us at one of our many events. 

Curious about her work off the court? Tune in to her new podcast, the Experiment Zone Podcast, to learn more about her innovative approach to business and community building.

Get involved

We believe in the power of community and are always open to suggestions or partnerships. If you have ideas for new events or want to collaborate with us, please contact us by email: aj.davis.pickleball@gmail.com. Let's make pickleball even more exciting together!

Join us at Zero Zero Fun, where every match starts with love and ends with unforgettable experiences. See you on the court!