2024 Summer Slam - Brought to you by the Ranchers X Zero Zero Fun 

Event Details

Sunday, September 1st - Full day

The event will be taking place near Austin, Texas at the Lost Pines Pickleball Club in Bastrop!

Lost Pines Pickleball
1099 State Hwy 71
Bastrop, TX 78602

Registration Steps
1. Team captains register on Pickleballbrackets.com.

2. Team captains will submit the following team details via this form (https://forms.gle/9vf7pyGn3S7knZ2y9): 

3. Zero Zero Fun will review and approve teams. All of the approved teams will be published on this page (scroll down to see)

Join us for the Summer Slam 2024, hosted by Texas Ranchers and Zero Zero Fun on September 1st! This MLP-style pickleball tournament offers a thrilling team competition across multiple skill levels with over $10,000 in total prize value up for grabs. 

The premier division champions will have the unique opportunity to play against Ranchers PROFESSIONALS in an exhibition match, receive VIP tickets to Float Fest to see Lil Wayne, Kid Laroi, and Jessie Murph in concert on September 7, and a Ranchers swag bag! Other divisions will compete for prizes including tickets to Float Fest, GA tickets to the Dallas finals, and exclusive Ranchers swag.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable event—register today and be part of the action at Lost Pines Pickleball Club, where 11 permanent courts and climate-controlled comfort ensure an ideal setting for competitive play even in the hot Texas summer.

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The winners of the Premier Level division will receive the following prizes: 


MLP-style event format

This team event with 2 females and 2 males playing on the same team. In this MLP-style team event, matches are composed of four 25-point games, with the first being women’s doubles, then men’s doubles, and the final two games consisting of mixed doubles. 

Each game is worth 1 point and the whole match is a best of 4. The singles tiebreaker is 21-points. 

The event uses the updated MLP rally scoring system, with the following changes to the previous format:

1. Games will be played to 25 points, with a winning margin of at least two points

2. There will be NO freeze at any point and a point will be won on every serve; teams will be able to win a game either while receiving the serve or while serving

3. DreamBreakers will be played to 21 points

Players are guaranteed 6 games per person (3 matches per team). The team matches will be a round robin format, followed by a single elimination bracket for the top teams in the pool play (at least 2 teams per pool). 

Team levels

The registration fee for this event is $125 per person ($500 per team).

The event features four skill levels: 

Premier Level (No DUPR max)

Challenger Level 

Intermediate Level 

Beginner Level

Note: Players may only play on one team. Non-rated players will be considered equivalent to one-fourth of the division level (e.g. a player signed up for Intermediate as a NR player will be considered a 4.075.

Signing Up

The team captain will register as the captain on PickleballBrackets.com. Signing up and making a payment on this website secures your team’s spot in the division.

The team captain will submit the team name and player information to the tournament director via this form: https://forms.gle/9vf7pyGn3S7knZ2y9. If you have questions, please email AJ at aj.davis.pickleball@gmail.com.

The tournament director will review your team and validate eligibility. Within 72 hours, your team will either appear on the approved list on https://www.zerozerofun.com/events/2024-summer-slam, or you will receive email notification of ineligibility. Team captains may either re-submit with different team members or opt to move to the correct division. 

Registered Teams & Players by Event

Below you'll find the team name, followed by the players on each reviewed team: 

MLP-Style Team Event: Beginner Level (DUPR 14.3 and below)

MLP-Style Team Event: Challenger Level (DUPR 16.3 and below)

MLP-Style Team Event: Intermediate Level (DUPR 18.3 and below)

MLP-Style Team Event: Premier Level Division (Open level)