Upcoming Pickleball Events in Austin, Texas


Evening Compass Tournament event featuring all levels for mens/womens doubles pickleball

Morning Compass Tournament event featuring all levels for mixed doubles

Texas Pickleball Y'all @ Lost Pines Pickleball Club

Evening event featuring teams of 4. This event includes competitive teams (DUPR 14, DUPR 15, and DUPR 17) and a social team option.

SAVE THE DATE! Start getting your MLP team together for this exciting collab with the Texas Ranchers. 

Golden Paddle Classic @ Austin Tennis Center

Spooky Slam 2024 @ Austin Tennis Center

Sign up for skill/age/gender singles events!

Events include: Mens/Womens, 2.5 - 5.0+, and age groups 19+, 35+, and 50+.

Event FAQs

Do I need to have a DUPR rating to play in the tournaments or events?

For most events, we do NOT have a specific rating requirement. Players can self-rate or use their DUPR rating to determine which event is appropriate for them. If we have a specific DUPR requirement, we will explicitly describe it in the event description/sign up.

While we do not require having a rating, we do ask that you set up an account with DUPR prior to the event and join our club if the event is going to count for DUPR. Our club link is: https://dashboard.dupr.com/dashboard/browse/clubs/6325438703

Will all the data from the tournament automatically be uploaded

to DUPR, or do we have to manually enter?

Our team will upload the results from the tournaments (unless the event or tournament indicates it is NOT for DUPR). 

Please join our DUPR club prior to the event: https://dashboard.dupr.com/dashboard/browse/clubs/6325438703

What's the event schedule?

For single day events, the event schedules will be shared via email to the registrants after registration closes.
For multi-day events, please check the event page for more specific event schedule details. 

I don't have a partner. Can you help me find one?

We've created a TeamReach group to help players connected with each other. Check out our Find a Partner page!

Do you provide balls? Do you provide paddles?

During our single and multi-day tournaments, we provide the balls. The ball type will be listed on the event pages.

We do not provide balls during our league play nights. 

We do not provide paddles, although you may be able to borrow or rent them from the facility. 

I have another question!

Send an email to aj.davis.pickleball@gmail.com. She'll reply to the email directly or update this FAQ section.